When land around North Lake village came on the market in 1850, Henry Shears bought several acres, erected a sawmill, and two years later erected a grist mill. Shears, an early patriarch of the village was a Colonel in the Civil War and elected to the State Assembly.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, dating from 1867, is one of the most beautiful of Wisconsin’s small churches and is the oldest in North Lake. On August 13, 1866 Col. Henry Shears met with a small group to form a new church as a founding committee and raised $500. Nils Peterson was awarded the contract for the Norman–style English church.

 The cornerstone was laid and the church was consecrated September 30, 1867 with Assistant Bishop Armitage presiding. The first service was held July 19, 1868 with Bishop Kemper and a large congregation attending. The church was consecrated by Bishop Kemper on June 30, 1870, after having satisfied some debt.

You will find descendants of the early settlers of Milwaukee in St. Peter’s graveyard.



Guidelines for Christian Burial

1. Contact Mr. Dan Rosa, Cemetery Administrator, at 262-751-7648 or Mr. Rick
Luedke 414-350-0738 if you wish to have a body or its cremains buried in our
cemetery alongside the church. There is a fee for cemetery lots and for internment.

2. Contact our priest to make arrangements for a body burial or memorial service
(cremation). A rite of Christian Burial is normally conducted with or without a rite
of Holy Communion.


Current prices:

Grave Lots      $5,500 each.

Half Lot           $3,000 each.

Cremains Plot  $500 each.

Cemetery administrative charge (for each internment) — $225