Who are the Episcopalians?

~Ten Points~ 

1. LITURGY.  Majesty and mystery in our historic liturgy. 

2. CONTINUITY.  An unbroken continuity with the Early Church and the Apostolic faith.

3. REFORMED AND CATHOLIC.  Both Reformed and Catholic in doctrine and liturgy.

4. THE BIBLE.  We hold the centrality of the Bible without being bound by literalism.

5. REASON.  We use our God-given reason and possess a theology that does not require us to leave our brains at the front door of the church.

6. TRINITARIAN.  We acknowledge and celebrate the on-going work of the Holy Spirit in the world.

7. WORSHIP.  We use a variety of worship styles from modern charismatic praise to high church liturgy.

8. TOLERANT. We are a community that is open-minded and celebrates difference.

9. MINISTRY.  Ministry is an obligation of all of us — not just the clergy — and not just men.

10. JESUS CHRIST.  We live in a worshiping community in which there is consensus, not conformity — common prayer rather than common thought.